Scanline — professional scanning center for art objects provides services for the digitization of any items, including antique books, manuscripts, paintings, art objects of various formats and sizes, negatives, films, and slides.


Multi-media educational project The mission of Opera House, 432 encompasses popularizing academic music throughout the world and striving to become a new and accessible door to a deep and vibrant cultural space that is vital for every person.


«Digital Country» provides modern information services. We specialize in the documents digitalization and indexing, an electronic resources creation.

BACK2NEWS Periodicals Archive Online

Back2News unites libraries Internet resources for everyone who is interested in history and periodicals of different times and provides readers with unlimited free access to historical references of the late XIX century - beginning XX century.

Vasilissa Melissa

NATURAL RAW WILDFLOWER HONEY from remote apiaries located in the pristine of Ukrainian forests and meadows

Smart-playgrounds “Lemurashnyk”

The project "LEMURASHNYK" is a new format of children's playgrounds - a smart platform where physical activity is organically combined with the child intellectual development.


Group of scientists, managers and agrarians who have united with the purpose of the research, promotion and implementation of ecological agriculture practices.

Pollinator from Ukraine

Cultivation and breeding of large earth bumblebee (Bombus Terrestris) for pollination of crops in open ground and greenhouses

«Barabooka» project

Первый украинский профессиональный информационный ресурс об изданиях для детей и юношества.